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Dancing in the Light
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She turns
She stares
And fixes me with sea-blue eyes,
Enquiring, questioning, searching
Through a blurred reality.

Unseeing, yet seeing all,
She pierces through my barricade
Exploring my deepest soul,
Stirring memories hoped forgotten.
No troubled past preys on her,
No desperate hopes distract her.
Only this, only here, only now.

Tender, soft and warm,
She guides me to her world;
A world of spirit
A world of innocence
A world of simplicity.
Only this, only here, only now.

So young,
Yet possessing the wisdom of centuries.
So small,
Yet her soul houses the soul of the universe.

So I surrender,
I cannot fight such love
Such purity.
I surrender
To a wiser one
Unknowing, yet knowing all.

Yet, who is she,
This gentle healer?
This beautiful soul?
Who is she,
This angel of light?

In the stillness of the night
I remember.
She is my daughter.

Sarah Settelen July 1997

    Clare Nash - Ellie's Auntie January 2000

Ellie Whispers

My wide blue eyes can see you now
as you still to the music of the garden.
I have heard and seen
so many secret things.

I have opened all the windows and doors
in the palace of listening.
I have heard everything.

You talk of me so much,
as you always did, knowing
who and what I was.

Together we have sown the seed
for listening in the gardens.
See what the whispers have already done!

You have seen in the settling
The mountains start to move.

Thank you for trusting me to teach you,
for looking with unseeing eyes
into the meaning of my sighs
in the fluting of the leaves.

Thank you for not rushing by,
for turning your ear to the cheer of the wind
and the tremble of a silver globe of rain
in the tremor of a breeze.

I am the blossom of all who listen.
I can see the little lamplighters
and the whisperers of the way.

I am with you.
Everything will happen
in the music of the garden

Philip Wells March 2000
Poet in Residence
Cheyne Day Centre

Sophie Nash - Ellie's Cousin

Toby Nash - Ellie's Cousin


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